With New Name, Waldman Barnett Will Focus on Complex Business Litigation

MIAMI, March 15, 2017 – Without leaving their Coconut Grove offices, prominent commercial litigators and trial attorneys Glen H. Waldman and Eleanor T. Barnett are embarking on a new venture.

The courtroom partners will formalize their longtime alliance by opening Waldman Barnett, effectiveMarch 15. The firm was previously known as Heller Waldman.

“Branding our existing commercial litigation specialty is very energizing,” Waldman said. “We’re taking the client-centered practice we’ve already established and making it the core of what we do.”

Waldman, Barnett and four other lawyers from Heller Waldman plus one new addition, will continue to focus on complex business litigation, while the remaining lawyers will maintain their separate trusts and estates practice based in Coral Gables. The split acknowledges an evolution from a more general civil shop into the two distinct practices the lawyers have already established.

Barnett and Waldman first teamed up 12 years ago at their previous firm, Bilzin Sumberg. When Waldman left to start Heller Waldman with Dan Heller in March 2009, Barnett joined them.

In the courtroom Waldman’s persona is best described as aggressive and confrontational. For example, he convinced an Orlando judge to issue a harsh spoliation-of-evidence order against his opponent that resulted in a favorable settlement for Waldman’s client, avoiding a month-long trial.

Waldman and Barnett have paired his take-no-prisoners style with her collaborative techniques to successfully resolve case after case. Together they have achieved numerous victories in court including a $21 million dollar jury verdict including punitive damages against one of the U.S.’s largest corporations and a number of legal wins that have led to the Privé Condominium project in Aventura rising to completion and occupancy this summer, despite significant opposition.

While assisting developers, Waldman has also developed a high-profile sub-specialty by representing property owners against the threatened encroachments of overreaching development. His lawsuit on behalf of Jockey Club residents fighting over-development of the landmark gated community was set for trial about the same time Waldman Barnett opens for business.

In 2015 he won an important, similar case on behalf of Grove Isle residents, stopping an influential developer’s planned project in its tracks.

Both Waldman and Barnett have been recognized for the quality of their work. Chambers & Partners USA designated Waldman a leading Florida litigator five of the past six years, most recently in 2016. Barnett made Florida Trend’s list of the legal elite in 2015, three years after the same publication identified her as an up-and-comer.

The five other notable litigators joining Waldman and Barnett in their new firm are partners Jason Gordon, Michael A. Sayre and Jeffrey R. Lam and associates Michael A. Azre and Benjamin Keime.

The Waldman Barnett team has the highest regard for their former colleagues. “We wish our former colleagues only the best in their new endeavor,” said Waldman.

Clients have received the news of the new firm with tremendous support and excitement.

Jay Starkman, Chief Executive Officer of Engage PEO, said “Waldman and his litigators are a great choice for tough cases; the combined, concentrated trial talent of Waldman Barnett makes this firm a top shelf litigation choice for virtually any high risk, complex matter.”

Gary Cohen, on behalf of Privé had similar sentiments and said: “Both Eleanor and Glen are fantastic.  They are dedicated, skilled, achieve extraordinary results and care deeply about their clients.”

Waldman Barnett serves clients nationally and internationally. For additional information, please call 305-371-8809.

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