Waldman Barnett Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Iconic Miami Beach Club

Waldman Barnett has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bath Club Entertainment, LLC, owner of The Bath Club, against a neighboring condominium association and certain board members for interfering with the historic club’s business operations.

The suit, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, details the association’s disruptive actions, including filing unfounded complaints with the city, meddling with property ownership information at the property appraiser’s office and attempts to prevent the club from hosting private parties, all in an effort to devalue the property.

This latest suit follows another filed by Waldman Barnett to maintain The Bath Club’s license to provide its food and beverage concessions on the beach. The club’s ability to operate those concessions had been limited due to the association’s attempts to take ownership of the license.

“The condominium association’s actions clearly jeopardize the operations of The Bath Club and threaten to devalue the club and its property for a potential sale,” said Glen Waldman, the firm’s co-managing partner. “We’ve successfully brought similar suits to judgment when condominium associations overstep their boundaries. This case is no different.”

The high-rise condominium was developed by Bath Club Entertainment’s affiliated corporation with the intent that the club and condominium would share amenities. Waldman said various ongoing disputes surrounding those shared amenities are at the center of the association’s repeated disruptions to The Bath Club’s operations.

“As we have with other clients, we intend to show that our client deserves to be able to conduct its business without interference by a group of homeowners intent on diminishing its success,” Waldman said.

Partners Eleanor Barnett, Jeffrey Lam and Michael Sayre are working with Waldman on these matters.

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