Waldman Barnett Defends Key Employees Against Claims of Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

MIAMI, Fla., November 29, 2017 – Waldman Barnett has successfully defended, in federal court, two employees accused by their former employer of violating an employment agreement and misappropriating trade secrets.

In a suit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Imagine Communications, Inc., alleged that its former employees Nahuel Villegas and Fernando Manfrini violated their employment agreements when they left Imagine to work for its competitor Grass Valley. Imagine argued that the employees competed with them, persuaded other employees to leave Imagine and join them and failed to return their computer hard drives that had contained confidential business information, or trade secrets. Imagine also contended that the employees used the information in their new roles at Grass Valley.

After a two-day evidentiary hearing, spearheaded by Waldman Barnett’s co-managing partner Glen Waldman and partner Michael Sayre, United States District Court Magistrate Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes resoundingly rejected all of Imagine’s claims for a preliminary injunction against the employees, citing a lack of evidence to support its claims.

“Our clients acted in good faith at all times, did not violate any of their contractual obligations and did the right thing when they copied their hard drives to thumb drives and sent the files back to Imagine, before destroying the information on their hard drives,” Waldman said. “We feel vindicated that the judge saw their actions the way they were intended, and now these gentlemen can continue on without interference with their respective successful careers.”

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