Return to Normalcy

September 13, 2017

Dear Clients and Friends,

Like many of you, we are cleaning up after Hurricane Irma made her mark across South Florida. Fortunately, all of us at Waldman Barnett and our families are safe, and any damage sustained was minimal.

Our office in Coconut Grove fared well, too. But, as many of you are experiencing, we are awaiting restoration of power to resume normal business hours.

At this point, we are planning to reopen our office on Monday, September 18. In the meantime, we are all working remotely through email and expect full access to our servers later today, Wednesday, providing us with secure accessibility to our files and information. Visit our website if you need to reach any of us via email.

We are thankful that most in South Florida were spared irrevocable damage and that extensive loss of life didn’t occur. Yes, we must endure the inconveniences of disrupted electricity, cell phone service and closed roads, but we are happy to have the opportunity to continue to serve you.

Wishing you a speedy return to normalcy, as we work to reopen Waldman Barnett.

Yours truly,
The Waldman Barnett Team

3250 Mary Street, Suite 102
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
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