Waldman Fights a Hostile Hotel Takeover

MIAMI, Fla. December 20, 2016 —  An intriguing plot —-  centered around a historic Key West hotel, and a business deal gone awry, and buoyed by small-town politics —-  unfolded and twisted […]

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Jockey Club Condominium Associations File New Complaint Against Apeiron and Other Club Residents

MIAMI, Fla. June 28, 2016 – Following the filing of an initial lawsuit in March against real estate developer Apeiron Miami, LLC, on behalf of the 259 unit owners in Jockey Club […]

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Suit Filed on Behalf of Jockey Club Residents to Stop Further Development

MIAMI, Fla. March 24, 2016 – On behalf of 259 families of Miami’s Jockey Club, Heller Waldman recently filed a lawsuit against developer Apeiron Miami, LLC, and the residents of […]

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Secured: $2 Million Jury Verdict After Two-Week Trial

MIAMI, Fla. March 3, 2016 – On February 23, a jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida awarded a $2 million verdict to Heller […]

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Appellate Court Upholds Dismissal of Fraud Case Against Clients

MIAMI, Fla. January 21, 2016 – The Third District Court of Appeal for the state of Florida last week issued its opinion in support of Heller Waldman’s clients in the […]

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